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Houston-based health tech startup is revolutionizing patient selection for clinical trials

n many occasions in her early career, Dr. Arti Bhosale, co-founder and CEO of Sieve Health, found herself frustrated with having to manually sift through thousands of digital files. The documents, each containing the medical records of a patient seeking advanced treatment through a clinical trial, were always there to review — and there were always […]

3 Houston innovators to know this week

Throughout her career, Arti Bhosale has seen the inefficiency and the ineffectiveness of selecting patients for clinical trials. “Across the globe, more than 30 percent of clinical trials shut down as a result of not enrolling enough patients,” says Bhosale. “The remaining 80 percent never end up reaching their target enrollment and are shut down […]

Diverse participation in clinical research- a scientific necessity

One of the latest medical advancements making waves is Eisai and Biogen developed Lecanemab. It was recently presented at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference in San Francisco.  There is no debate over Lecanemab’s dramatic effect on amyloid. When measured by PET scan, patients taking the medicine saw their amyloid levels decline by about […]